Music Samples


New World Nine

Safe In Sound

Eclectic Revival

Darren Eedens

The Namedroppers

The Lowly Minions 

Emerald City Escape


Synthetic Lout


St Aloysius Young Adult Choir (2013)

Tom Owes Me A Beer

Awesome young local talent! Connect with them on Facebook  Reverbnation @SGA_army

Matt Weidinger

Kitchener-Waterloo’s craziest new heavy metal band. It’ll make your ears bleed.

Age of Misconduct

This group of hard hitting metalheads create a sound which is unique to Age of Misconduct, seducing the ears of many audiences. Check them out on Facebook and Myspace

Chachi On Acid

COA mixes Angry Samoans and Mr. T Experience to form their own catchy but not smooth, mostly funny but sometimes even clever hook laden punk rock. and 


Robert Hughes, aka Hughesy, is a 21-year-old alternative hip-hop artist from Nassau Bahamas. After spending the first six years of his life in England, he moved to the Bahamas and is now studying abroad in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Nero’s Fiddle

Nero’s Fiddle (Formerly the Trillingham Ladies Chorus) grew out of a stage act at the now defunct, but unforgettable Ontario Renaissance Festival. For ten + years the girls have entertained at street festivals, Renaissance Festivals, Medieval Fairs and bars in Canada and the US.

Lawrence Cresswell

Lawrence has played finger-style guitar on acoustic and classical guitar for over 25 years. His playing style draws upon various performance techniques such as rhythm methods and accompaniment style, although he has come to favour finger-style and methods common to early and contemporary music.