Additional Services

Digital Transfers

Preserve and restore your analog recordings while transferring them into a current audio format.

Audio For Pictures

We can provide you with a solution for your audio needs on any video production.

Custom music

If you’re looking for music to use in advertising or marketing, we can create custom musicĀ for any project.

Live Recording

Whether you are simply looking to capture a stereo recording of a live performance for posterity or a multi-tracked recording for promotion or sales, we will work with you to produce a quality live recording.

Audio Mastering

Audio mastering can be completed from 1/4″ Tape, DAT, aif/wav file, or CD to Red Book audio – including track indexing, CD text, etc.

Webcast production

Combine a Powerpoint presentation or video with recorded audio to give your webcast or webinar a professional look.

Voice over Demo Production

If you need a voice demo for promotional purposes or an audition, we can help you put a comprehensive package together that is sure to impress.


Everyone loves to sing karaoke, why not record yourself in the process?

Competition Soundtracks

If you compete competitively in gymnastics, dance, or figure skating, we can provide you with quality editing and production – combine multiple audio tracks and/or add sound effects.