‘My Girl’: See Cast of Broadway’s ‘Ain’t Too Proud’ Sing the Temptations’

Motown released the original single of “My Girl” on December 21, 1964


David Browne

A few weeks ago, New Yorkers were treated to an unusual sight: The cast of Ain’t Too Proud, the Broadway musical about the life of the Temptations, riding the subway with a camera crew. The idea was pure promotion — to maintain buzz for the Tony-winning show, which is now up for a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. Ephraim Sykes, who plays the volatile and tragic David Ruffin, admits he had a few trepidations about the idea. “At first, none of us were like, ‘Yeah, let’s go sing on the subway!’” he says with a laugh. “It could have been embarrassing. Some people were doing their best to ignore us, and sometimes I do that myself. Performers will get on, and I’ll turn up my headphones because I’m not in the mood.”

But once the quintet began singing — always the Temptations standard “My Girl” over the course of several hours and several different downtown and uptown trains — the mood usually brightened. “Once we got into it, we had fun with it, and it was cool to watch people’s reactions,” says Sykes, who takes the lead on that Ruffin-led song in the show. “We were performing it, and these three young high-school-looking dudes started singing along with me. Those dudes probably listen to everything but the Temptations, but they reacted to that song. It’s interesting to see how much reach that song has.”


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That legacy will turn 55 years old on Saturday: Motown Records released the original single of “My Girl” on December 21, 1964. The song entered the pop chart the following month and made its way to Number One in March of 1965. “My Girl” has since become one the most enduring and beloved songs of the post-war pop era, ranking 88 on RS’ list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” “It’s a well-written and produced song and universally loved,” says Otis Williams, the lone surviving Temptation, who continues to tour with a new version of the group. “We’ve been doing it over 55 years, and people love it and appreciate it and sing along as if it was released today.”

Smokey Robinson, who penned the song, shares that viewpoint. “As a songwriter, ‘My Girl’ has become my international anthem,” he told RS in 2014. “We’re in countries where the basic language’s not even English and as soon as they hear [sings the opening guitar lick] ‘Bum-bum, bum, bum, bum, bum,’ they’re cheering! They don’t speak English, but they know the words to ‘My Girl.’”

Despite long-standing stories that Robinson intended the song for his own group, the Miracles, Robinson insists he always wrote “My Girl” with Ruffin in mind. “I wanted to write something sweet for David Ruffin to sing,” he said. “David had a very rough baritone tenor voice that I felt was a demanding voice: He demanded the girls love him. Many people have asked me: Do I wish I had kept ‘My Girl’ for myself? And no, I didn’t, because I loved being a part of my brothers’ and sisters’ careers — and especially if I could do something to better their careers.”

Williams himself recalls Robinson visiting the group backstage when the Temptations were performing at the 20 Grand club in Detroit in 1964. “He was marveling at our show and he looked at David and said, ‘I have a song for you,’” Williams says. “Us being young and cocky, we were like, ‘Bring it on’.”

With typical Motown efficiency, “My Girl” came together fast. Featuring a lineup of Motown stalwarts like guitarist Robert White and bassist James Jamerson, the basic track was cut at Motown’s headquarters in Detroit — in the legendary basement studio dubbed the “Snakepit” — on September 25, 1964. The Temptations weren’t around for that session, but a week later, on October 2nd, both they and Robinson and the Miracles co-headlined a week of shows at the Apollo in New York City. In a dressing room between sets, Robinson taught the song to the Temptations, and around November 10th, they flew to Detroit and added their vocals to the completed track.

Williams says he was happy with the song and performance. “It didn’t take us long to knock that out,” he says. “It was easy-peezy.” But when Paul Riser, Motown’s vital in-house arranger, added strings and horns to the recording, Williams comprehended what the group and Motown had on their hands. “I came out of the studio and Smokey was in the control room,” he says, “and I said, ‘Man, I don’t know how big a record this is gonna become, but there’s some magic in this song.’”

For Motown, “My Girl” was important on several fronts. It was the first Number One song for a male group on the label, and it was also the first number one for Gordy Records, the label’s subsidiary.

But Williams says he only fully realized its allure – with the group and its audience—when the Temptations briefly removed it from its set one night later in the Sixties. “[Late Temptations singer] Paul Williams said, ‘OK, it did what it’s going to do and I think we should take it out and move on to something else,’” Williams recalls. “I forget where it was, but when we didn’t do it, the audience let us know. They had very perplexed looks on their face like, ‘What?! Wait a second.’ They damn near called us every name. They let us know: We don’t care what you do — do not mess with ‘My Girl.’ Our manager said, ‘Don’t you ever do that again.’”

Williams, who turned 78 in October, takes that lesson to heart to this day when he’s touring with the current Temptations. “The guys today, I don’t care what mood they’re in — ‘My Girl’ will never, ever come out of the show,” he says. “It will always be a mainstay.”

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Chicana Punk Band Fea Talks ‘No Novelties’ LP, Winning Iggy Pop’s Praise

Girls in punk are no longer novelties, says the San Antonio four-piece


Chicana Punk Band Fea Talks 'No Novelties' LP, Winning Iggy Pop's Praise

By fusing a riot grrrl ethos with steely-eyed Chicana grit, the band Fea have become American punk trailblazers. Comprised of ex-Girl in a Coma members Phanie Diaz and Jenn Alva, and musicians Letty Martinez and Sofi Lopez, the San Antonio four-piece released its sophomore album No Novelties on November 15th via Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records. A follow-up to the band’s 2016 self-titled debut, their latest bilingual collection is produced by L.A. punk legend Alice Bag.

As Fea, the band continues a legacy forged by punk women of previous generations, like Joan Jett, Alice Bag and Bikini Kill. “Aside from their talents, [Joan Jett and Alice Bag] are two amazing smart women that have inspired so many girls not just to do music but to speak your mind, do what you want to do, don’t follow norms, just be yourself. I was one that definitely needed them and their influence growing up,” says Martinez.

The group has gotten used to fans coming up to them and saying that their music makes them feel nostalgic; but their confrontational brand of punk is very much needed in the here and now. “Many of [our fans] were around when punk was starting out, and to us, that is a huge compliment because we love 1970s punk,” says Martinez. “But we have all sorts of fans, ranging from kids and teens to people in their sixties. It’s really cool to see all these people come together with our music.”

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Lindsey Buckingham Announces First Concert Since Open-Heart Surgery

Former Fleetwood Mac frontman will appear at Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis


Kory Grow
Lindsey Buckingham

Former Fleetwood Mac frontman Lindsey Buckingham will return to the stage this coming spring for his first concert since he underwent emergency open-heart surgery in early 2019, an operation that reportedly damaged his vocal cords. Doctors fed tubes down his throat so he could breathe.

The performance will take place at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee’s Tom Lee Park; the dates for the festival run May 1st to the 3rd.

Buckingham experienced a heart attack in the early part of 2019, and, at the time, his wife Kristen said she didn’t know if the vocal-cord damage would be permanent or not. In May, Buckingham made an appearance at his daughter’s high school graduation, where he played — but did not sing — “Landslide.” Instead, the students sang the Fleetwood Mac hit.

The last time he played a full concert was in December 2018. It was a solo show, since Fleetwood Mac dismissed him in the spring of 2018, reportedly over tension with Stevie Nicks. Buckingham sued Fleetwood Mac in 2018 and settled out of court.

“The past year has been a very stressful and difficult year for our family to say the least,” Kristen said in her statement at the time of Lindsey’s heart attack — referencing his dismissal from the band. “But despite all of this, our gratitude for life trumps all obstacles we have faced at this moment. … Needless to say, all touring and shows currently scheduled have been put on pause for the moment as he gathers strength to heal completely.”

Although she released numerous tweets attacking Fleetwood Mac — calling them “awful people, void of conscience” and Mick Fleetwood, in particular, a “dishonest coward” — Kristen hasn’t said anything about her husband’s ability to sing. That said, in May, she tweeted that Buckingham was seeing a vocal specialist, and in September, she wrote that “life, love and Lindsey are all great.”

Since Lindsey’s heart attack, the Buckinghams have placed their Brentwood, California, home on the market with an asking price of $29.5 million; they sold another home there for $19 million last year.

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Amy Winehouse Museum Exhibit, Auction Dedicated to Singer’s Style

“Beyond Black — The Style of Amy Winehouse” will display in Grammy Museum beginning in January 2020 before items are auctioned off in November 2021


Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s style will be the focus of an upcoming museum exhibit and auction that will feature some of the late singer’s most iconic outfits.

“Beyond Black — The Style of Amy Winehouse,” coming to Los Angeles’ Grammy Museum in January, includes the dress Winehouse wore during her last-ever performance in Belgrade in 2011 as well as other popular outfits she donned during her too-brief career.

The exhibit is also bolstered by never-before-seen handwritten lyrics, journal entries, home videos and more, the Associated Press reports.

“Amy always credited my mother, her grandmother Cynthia, as a major influence, both stylistically — as she taught her the importance of grooming and having a look — and musically,” her father, Mitch Winehouse said in a statement. “She liked to call me a ‘cab-driving Sinatra’ and her mother’s side of the family were also musicians. Amy not only brought her gift of music to the world, but also her fashion. We’re eager for people to see her bold, beautiful spirit through all forms of her creativity.

“Beyond Black — The Style of Amy Winehouse” will display at the Grammy Museum from January 17th to April 13th; the exhibit will then embark to museums in Chile, London and Ireland before many of its items return stateside for a November 2021 auction held by Julien’s Auctions.

The auction will feature “hundreds of Amy Winehouse’s most iconic stage, photo shoot and performance worn dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories,” including that aforementioned custom-made mini-dress from Winehouse’s final concert. All proceeds from the November 2021 auction will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, supporting disadvantaged young people.

“Amy Winehouse is one of the rare and remarkable music icons whose incredible power and soulful expression in every word and note she sang with her distinct voice remains unmatched by no other artist in music history,” Julien’s Auctions’ Martin Nolan said in a statement. “We celebrate her singular talent and iconoclastic style in this collection of her most personal artifacts and wardrobe worn in her career defining moments.”

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Slipknot, Tool Among Most Searched Albums of 2019

The end of the year is closing in, with many reflecting on the biggest records of 2019. There’s been talk of a rock and metal surge in 2019, and according to trends data provider SEMrush, both Tool and Slipknot are leading the way.

Taking a closer look at what people Googled this year and analyzing search volume, SEMrush determined that both Tool’s Fear Incoculum and Slipknot’s We Are Not Your Kind were among the Most Searched Albums of 2019.

That puts them in lofty company with Taylor Swift’s Love, Kanye West’s Jesus Is King, Madonna’s Madame X, while Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding was the 11th album on the list.

The Top 10 Most Searched Albums can be viewed below:

Taylor Swift – Lover
Kanye West – Jesus Is King
Tool – Fear Inoculum
Melanie Martinez – K 12
Madonna – Madame X
Ed Sheeran – No. 6 Collaborations Project
Chris Brown – Indigo
Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind
Drake – Care Package
Chance the Rapper – The Big Day


Meanwhile, as reunion tours become all the rage for 2020, SEMrush also served up the Most Searched Reunion Tours of 2019. Heart‘s “Love Alive” tour and the Pixies‘ latest run (even though they’ve been reunited for years) ranked among the Top 5, alongside tours from The Jonas Brothers, Wu-Tang Clan and Spice Girls’ Spice World.

Most Searched Reunion Tours

The Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins Tour
Spice World
Heart Tour (Love Alive)
Wu-Tang Clan Tour
The Pixies Tour

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Nergal’s Me and That Man Debut ‘Burning Churches’ Christmas Song

Another new song from Me and That Man, the dark folk side project spearheaded by Behemoth visionary Nergal, is an unlikely Christmas tune which confronts sexual abuse within the church, presented as an animated video.

While the subject matter is obscenely dark — a boy once abused by a priest enacts revenge as a Satanic anti-hero who torches a church — the song itself has an upbeat jangle thanks to the emotive guest contribution from singer Mat McNerney (Grave Pleasures, ex-Beastmilk, Hexvessel).

“If someone would have told me one day, I’d release a Xmas song, I would have burst into laughter. Hell freezes over and I present to you, ‘Burning Churches,'” Nergal stated. “This time I team up with Mat McNerney from the legendary Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, DHG and Hexvessel. Make yourself comfortable around the Christmas tree, stoke the fire and grab yourself a drink! Hallelujah.”

Read the lyrics to “Burning Churches” directly below and watch the animated video further down the page.

That night I saw the flames flicker on the television set The vicar’s tears fell as he faced the camera men
And my mother grabbed her crucifix
And drew in her breath

“It’s suspected arson” the newsreader said

My life was reborn into that incendiary darkness
It brought to mind the great writers of satanic verses From that truth my eyes glowed with unholy illumination From the matchstick spark until the final glowing embers

I’m called by the light Of burning churches I’m saved by the light Of burning churches

I was always the altar boy and never a thief Part of the choir and friends with the priest

But it all changed when those prayer books went up in flames Childhood on fire consumed in the blaze

Now I smoke all my opportunities right down to the filter
I don’t regret a single fucking moment of my future
I know the devil better than myself
And there’s no good fun in heaven cause I’m down here raising hell

Called by the light
Of burning churches I’m saved by the light Of burning churches

There’s plenty of things that should be left unsaid So I’ll drink some more whiskey and say them again My life is this war against their words
Slaves to salvation and the prayers of the lord
I’ll take up my seat next to Anton La Vey
With a Molotov cocktail and a can of gasoline Ashes up to heaven
Beautiful destruction
I grew up by that light
I was raised by the light

BURN BURN BURN x7 Burning Churches!

Called by the light
Of burning churches I’m saved by the light Of burning churches

Called by the light
Of burning churches I’m saved by the light Of burning churches

Despite this song being the second new single from Me and That Man (the first was “Run With the Devil“), Nergal has yet to express any plans for the band to release a second full length album. Songs of Love and Death, the debut album from the project, was released in 2017.

Me and That Man, “Burning Churches”

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