2019 Holiday Gift Guide: 26 Gifts for the Rock + Metal Fans in Your Life

The holidays are upon us, and many of you are probably scrambling around wondering what the heck to buy for some of your loved ones. Fret not — Loudwire has you covered for all the music fans in your life with our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

While concert tickets, albums and band merchandise make for the perfect gift for a music fan, we wanted to dig a little deeper and pick out some options that all rock and metal lovers can appreciate. There’s some electronics for listening pleasure, household items made from vinyl, organizers for memorabilia collectors and more. As far as the cost goes, there’s something in all price ranges.

Browse through our holiday gift guide below. Links to see more details or purchase the items are included below each photo. Happy rockin’ holidays!

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Portable Marshall Speaker

$199 — buy here.


Roll Up Electronic Drum Set

$64 — buy here.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

$280 — buy here.


Cassette Player

$23 — buy here.


High Fidelity Earplugs

$35 — buy here.


Apple AirPods Pro

$249 — buy here.



$55 — buy here.


Vinyl Record Coasters

$12 — buy here.


Marshall Jack Rack

$35 — buy here.


Vinyl Record Clock

$38 — buy here.


Ticket Stub Organizer

$16 — buy here.


Slipknot Tree Skirt

$25 – $34 — buy here.


Guitar Pick Glass

$20 — buy here.


Vinyl Stand + Organizer

$69 — buy here.


Guitar Wall Hooks

$16 — buy here.


Metal Horns Candle

$30 — buy here.


Chillable Skull Ice Cubes

$17 — buy here.


Guitar Pick Organizer

$15 — buy here.


Listen to Metal Mug

$15 — buy here.


Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set

$20 — buy here.


AC/DC Monopoly

$52 — buy here.


Heavy Metal Fun Activity Book

$10 — buy here.


Metal Cats Coloring Book

$9 — buy here.


Booze & Vinyl

$20 — buy here.



Bluetooth Headphones Beanie

$20 — buy here.


Skull Bottle Opener Ring

$13 — buy here.

14 Ugly Rock + Metal Holiday Sweaters

14 Ugly Rock + Metal Holiday Sweaters

Click through the gallery to check out 14 Ugly Rock + Metal Holiday Sweaters! Purchase links have been included in the description.


Sure, you can be like millions of other metal fans and sport a Metallica t-shirt, but if you really want to show your love for the band during the holidays, here’s your chance. In the name of “ugly,” the thrashers served up a sweater that lives up to its name.

Guns N’ Roses

This one made us laugh pretty hard. Guns N’ Roses are touting their own holiday sweater as “Welcome to the Jingle.” The back isn’t displayed, but hopefully it says “Welcome to the jingle, we’ve got reindeer games. We have eight reindeer to flaunt and we know all their names!”

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters chose to go the more discreet route than some of the other band sweaters in this gallery. Their name is spelled out across strings of holiday lights with evil little elf faces above them.


While everyone else is hopping on the ugly Christmas sweater train, Anthrax got a head start and released this limited edition Hanukkah sweater!

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne as santa would be a terrifying notion, but the Prince of Darkness as the Grinch makes complete sense. Keep a sharp eye on the tree this year and make sure the singer doesn’t sneak in and try to steal your presents and delicious Roast Beast.

Black Metal Snowman

Black metal is grim and frostbitten and there’s nothing more frostbitten than being an actual snowman.

Blink 182

Every year Blink 182 release a different ugly holiday sweater. This year’s design is festive and simply says “Merry Christmas.” Of all the sweaters on this list, this one is the closest to a traditional holiday sweater.


It’s a vulgar display of the holidays! Oh and do we mean vulgar! This Pantera sweater is not just ugly, but loud with “F-king Holdays” simply branded under the band’s logo. It doesn’t even say “Happy F-king Holdays” in typical blunt Pantera fashion.


If you wear this sweater to some family parties, good luck explaining BabyMetal to everyone. This garment is downright creepy with the band looking like a trio of undead girls, which is going to make your explanation especially troubling.

Five Finger Death Punch

Looking for a present for the toughest member of your family? You’ve found it! This Five Finger Death Punch sweater features the band’s mascot, Knuckleheadand brandishes Santa’s favorite words, “Ho, ho, ho!” across the bottom.

Queens of the Stone Age

This Queens of the Stone Age sweater seems a little too festive! They’ve turned a reindeer into a piñata and it’s been split open! Hopefully it wasn’t Rudolph otherwise Santa is going to have to scramble to find another reindeer to guide his sleigh.


Nothing screams “Happy Holidays!” louder than Slayer, right? Uhhh, well maybe not until now! Sure, it has skulls decorated all over it, but this Slayer sweater is meant for the season. On second thought, there’s nothing here that resembles any holiday here, but wouldn’t be Slayer if it did.


Devildriver have struck a find balance between band merch and festival holiday warmth. With their name across the top and their emblem in the center, two reindeer look like rams about to collide on each side.


Shinedown are joining in on the fun and have released a holiday sweater of their own! Show everyone at the holiday party how much you rock by rocking this festive garment. The band’s name is displayed across the top with their sigil interspersed between snowflakes.Categories: GalleriesMetalNewsRock

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