Alysha Brilla’s CD Release Party at the Starlight

By : Craig Dubecki

One of the best rewards of being a journalist/review writer is that we get to experience the evolution of talent.  Case in point being Alysha Brillinger from Kitchener, Ontario; or Alysha Brilla as is her stage name now.  The last time I saw Alysha (who has spent the past almost ten years growing up in the Kitchener music scene) perform with a band was in May of 2012.  Fast forward a year later to July 11, 2013 at the Starlight in Waterloo, Ontario, where she and her band were promoting her new album, In My Head; it’s clear that Alysha is on the right track!

Currently starting an extensive tour of Ontario, the Alysha Brilla Band was groovin’ big time this past Thursday night.  What was most impressive was the tightness of the band as a whole and the arrangements of each song.  To classify her music style, I will call it “Brilla style”.  She has worked hard to find something that draws from other music genres and in adding part of her own personality, has created a touch of uniqueness.  The recipe is a combination of pop, jazz, calypso, reggae, and maybe even a dash of blues.  Alysha definitely owns and is exceptionally good at it.  The music and delivery is fun and makes your body want to move.  It’s very easy listening.

The band consists of keyboards, drums, bass, trumpet, saxophone, and Alysha on guitar.  It’s very evident that these young folks have spent countless hours crafting and polishing up their delivery.  The talent of her band is tight to professional level.  The two young women were incredible on the horns and at times seem to almost steal the show.  Each member complimented the others nicely.

The show was, as always, very personable.  Alysha wears her heart on her sleeve, maybe a tiny bit too much.  It is however, all in a very adorable way.  She writes from experiences and we, as the audience, actually get the chance to feel connected (in a surprisingly deep way) to her life.  It couldn’t be any other way.  This is who Alysha is and her fans love her for this.

Thursday’s show was complete with songs from Alysha’s past, some cool covers, and of course, her new songs.  The whole night was cool!  The opening band Molahsiz, with Waterloo’s own Christen Latham, was perfect in setting the tone.  Alysha does a good job acknowledging her network as was evidence when she invited up to stage, the lead singer from Molahsiz, along with two of her other band mates who have helped her out over time.

The tour promoting In My Head, is taking her through Ontario and Eastern Canada.  She may also venture out West and into the States, where she has performed in the past.  She and her band have been residents at Toronto venues such as C’est What and The Reservoir Lounge; and is currently the resident performer at The Amsterdam Bicycle Club, also in Toronto.  The Starlight show was intimate and a lot of fun for the approximate two hundred of us moving to the groove.  It was a special night witnessing Alysha Brillinger’s hard work finally paying off!  You have come so far in just this past year Brilla!  Keep going! We need to hear more!

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