January 2011

Returning to Studio A Audio Recording & Production this month are Nero’s Fiddle and Eclectic Revival.

While each band is a stage act in and of itself, the women of Nero’s Fiddle and the gentlemen of Eclectic Revival have shared stages in pubs, at renaissance festivals, medieval fairs, even in muddy fields all over southern Ontario for years. Usually they take turns entertaining their shared audiences, however their return to their favourite recording studio this month marks a departure from their usual formula as they collaborate for the first time on an original arrangement of Auld Lang Syne that features all ten of them, as first performed this past New Year’s Eve at FutureCon in Toronto. The girls typically perform a’cappella arrangements of traditional songs from the British Isles, liberally sprinkled with bawdy pub favourites. The guys play what they like to listen to, and cover a range of classic rock covers, original pieces and rollicking Celtic numbers. The two bands together make up a comedy Celtic double whammy that Liana K of ‘This Movie Sucks!’ and ‘I Hate Hollywood!’ describes as ‘Fantastic! They’re like medieval GLEE!’

For Nero’s Fiddle, this will be the third project recorded at Studio A Audio Recording & Production, having just completed their second CD, ‘Red is the Rose’. Their first CD, ‘From the Ashes’ was recorded at the studio in 2007. This collaboration also marks a return visit for Eclectic Revival, who completed their first CD, ‘One More Round’ at the studio in November 2010.

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