Lizard People Search for Love in Iggy Pop’s ‘Sonali’ Video

Mac DeMarco directed wild clip for track off punk legend’s latest LP, Free


A couple of lizard people seemed fated to never meet in the bizarre new video for Iggy Pop’s “Sonali,” directed by Mac DeMarco.

The video stars musician Tommy Midnight and DeMarco’s girlfriend Kiera McNally, both of whom are outfitted with some extremely elaborate lizard makeup while otherwise dressed in regular human clothes (DeMarco was done up similarly in his music video for “Nobody”). The clip opens with McNally’s character lighting some candles and preparing for a fancy evening, while Midnight’s character finds himself stuck at a gas station and struggling to make it home in traffic.

The video is peppered with surreal flourishes that further delay Midnight’s journey, even though they seem fully avoidable. At one point, he pulls over to the curb to take a phone call with McNally that consists solely of the two saying “I love you” back and forth. Later, he pulls over again so he can pantomime a sax solo in his fuzzy pink convertible even though “Sonali” features a trumpet solo.

“Sonali” appears on Iggy Pop’s latest solo album, Free, which was released in September and followed his 2016 LP, Post Pop Depression, which he made with Josh Homme. Iggy Pop recorded Free with jazz trumpeter and composer Leron Thomas and Novella, the solo project of guitarist Lipstate.

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