Ozzy Osbourne and Slash Go Toe to Toe on Anti-Drug Song, ‘Straight to Hell’

See the Prince of Darkness’ first performance onstage in nearly a year: “Take What You Want” with Post Malone at the Forum


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Ozzy Osbourne has released a charging, new anti-drug anthem, “Straight to Hell.” The track features all the hallmarks of a classic Ozzy song: foreboding lyrics, a walloping, bluesy riff, and, of course, a jaw-dropping guitar solo — performed this time by Slash.

“You’re flying higher than a kite tonight/You’ve took the hit and now you feel all right,” he sings between crushing riffs. Then he takes the perspective of the drugs and sings, “I’ll make you scream/I’ll make you defecate,” and caps it with the king of trademark laughs he originated on the song “Black Sabbath.” The tune will feature on Osbourne’s upcoming Ordinary Man album, due out in early 2020.

The song follows up the release of the heavy, gothic ballad, “Under the Graveyard,” which was Osbourne’s first new solo song in nearly a decade. He revealed then that he had recorded the album with Post Malone producer Andrew Watt, who also played guitar on the album. Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith also played on the recordings. The record is due out early next year.

Osbourne had not planned on making a new LP this year, since he was supposed to be on his No More Tours 2 tour, but after a number of health issues sidelined him, he agreed to record a guest spot on Post Malone’s hit, “Take What You Want.” He found the experience invigorating, and when Watt suggested they make more music together, Osbourne quickly agreed.

“This is quite possibly the most important album I have done in a very long time, probably since No More Tears,” Osbourne said in a statement around the release of “Under the Graveyard.”

The singer is still recovering from his injuries and has postponed all touring until the next North American leg of the No More Tours 2 trek, which will kick off in May. He has said that he was unsure if he’d be ready to hit the stage by early next year, but he made a surprise appearance at Post Malone’s concert at the Forum on Thursday, where he sang “Take What You Want” with the rapper. It was his first time on a stage since his New Year’s Eve Ozzfest. He will be joining Post Malone again this Sunday for a performance of the song at the American Music Awards.

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