Rob Halford Reveals RuPaul’s Drag Race Dreams

OCTOBER 23RD, 2019 AT 11:08AM


The past month has been action-packed for Judas Priest. They were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and frontman Rob Halford released a Christmas album, Celestial.

Meanwhile, Rob Halford has revealed a dream of another nature — he has a burning desire to appear as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. ADVERTISING

The Metal God expressed this wish in an interview with Yahoo News.  His vision includes having all of the drag queens going on the air in full-on metal gear.

When asked what appeals to him about RuPaul’s Drag Race, Halford said, “I just love that show just for every emotional dimension of what’s being presented… It’s a beautiful insight to a part of our world and it’s really important. It has a tremendous amount of value.”

Halford also used the opportunity to trash the current state of American politics (again). He expressed his disdain with how underrepresented and undervalued the American people are by those currently in office. Halford’s praise of RuPaul’s show is rooted in how it call attention to the fact that everyday people can be drag queens, normalizing the phenomenon:

“These things are wonderful opportunities for people that don’t know about us. Just to look and listen and learn. That whole thing about we are your bus driver, we are your nurse at school, we are your judge court. We’re their airline pilot. We are everywhere.” 

“Even today we’re about to get to 2020 and we still have to talk about this. Particularly in this current climate here in the U.S. it’s terribly, terribly difficult. Especially what’s going on in Washington.”

Halford came out as gay in 1998 but has had little representation within gay media — most likely due to how the media still views metal as an inordinately masculine scene. Halford hopes to break down this stereotype and enter gay media spaces while bringing the brutality of metal with him.ADVERTISING

Halford will be publishing an autobiography in 2020 that will shed some light on what it’s like to be a gay man and a God of Metal.

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