Waterloo Jazz Festival

Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival Artist Lineup & Schedule

By KW Now! Local News

Don’t miss the exciting lineup of great jazz artists at the annual Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival. Come out and celebrate 20 years of great jazz music and musicians. Main stage is the Waterloo City Hall Parking Lot and the Satellite Stage is at the Waterloo Public Square. This year’s artist’s and schedule:

Emilie-Claire Barlow  
Friday July 20, 7:30pm (Main Stage)

Friday July 20, 9:00pm (Main Stage)

Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis
Friday July 20, 6:00pm (Main Stage)

Alexis Baro  
Saturday July 21, 7:30pm (Main Stage)  

Soul Stew  
Sunday July 22, 1:30pm (Main Stage)  

Holly Cole
Saturday July 21, 9:00pm (Main Stage)  

Lori Nuic  
Saturday July 21, 6:00pm (Main Stage)  

Jeff King’s Catalyst  
Saturday July 21, 2:30pm (Satellite Stage)
Wendy Lands  
Saturday July 21, 1:00pm (Satellite Stage)  

Ranee Lee  
Saturday July 21, 3:00pm (Main Stage)  

Brass Transit  
Saturday July 21, 1:30pm (Main Stage)  

Tim Louis  
Friday July 20, 4:00pm (Satellite Stage)  

Jake Langley  
Saturday July 21, 4:00pm (Satellite Stage)  

Joni NehRita  
Friday July 20, 2:30pm (Satellite Stage)  

Stealing Dan  
Friday July 20, 1:00pm (Satellite Stage)  

Mark Eisenman Quintet  
Saturday July 21, 4:30pm (Main Stage)  

Shuffle Demons
Sunday July 22, 3:00pm (Main Stage)      

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