St. Vincent Puts a Futuristic Spin on Beck’s ‘Uneventful Days’

New remix inspired by Seventies Herbie Hancock, WAR, says St. Vincent


Jon Blistein

St. Vincent shared new remix of Beck’s “Uneventful Days” that transforms the track into a blast of future funk.

The original “Uneventful Days,” off Beck’s latest album, Hyperspace, is a spacey pop tune anchored by crisp drums. On her new remix, St. Vincent chops up the track and rearranges it into an effervescent groove, adding additional bass, keys and plenty of sticky guitar riffs.

“I guess I was listening to a lot of Seventies Herbie [Hancock] and WAR at the time and wondering how much funk was inside me, too,” St. Vincent said in a statement. “I sent it to Beck and he dug it, but he said, ‘It should be three bpm faster.’  And what do you know? He was so right. It made all the difference in the groove.”

Beck released Hyperspace last November, marking his 14th studio album and first since 2017’s Colors. At the moment, he has just one U.S. tour date on the books, an April 20th set at Pharrell’s Something in the Water festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

As for St. Vincent, she released her most recent solo album, Masseduction, in 2017, while last year she produced the new Sleater-Kinney record, The Center Won’t Hold. She’s also set to premiere a new filmThe Nowhere Inn, at the Sundance Film Festival later this month.

Both Beck and St. Vincent were recently announced as performers for an upcoming tribute to Prince, which will take place after the 2020 Grammy Awards and air on television in April.

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