Kevin Hart Wears Exodus Shirt, Gary Holt Gives Him a Pass

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart sported an Exodus shirt during some recent promotional stops behind his upcoming movie Jumanji: The Next Level. Does that mean the movie star is a fan of the classic thrash metal band? Probably not, said Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt.

As longtime metal fans are probably aware, Holt is somewhat of a T-shirt aficionado himself. The musician made waves back when he wore a shirt emblazoned with the charge, “Kill the Kardashians.” It was mostly a response to the reality TV family’s appropriation of vintage metal duds — which is most likely the same scenario currently at play with Hart. However, the guitarist is letting it slide this time since he’s such a big fan of the actor. See Holt’s response to the tee toward the bottom of this post.


“Yes I’ve seen this!” the musician commented last week (Nov. 23). “Haha! Is he a fan? I highly doubt it, more likely his stylist bought it for a small fortune at some vintage tee shirt shop, if it’s not a modern bootleg.”

Holt continued, “How do I feel? Eh. Another dude using metal shirts to look edgy. Who knows? BUT. I’m a HUGE Kevin Hart fan, so I give him a pass cause he makes me laugh my ass off!”

The shirt in question boasts an Exodus logo designed for the group’s tours circa 1987. Pictured on the garment beneath a skull with arrow crossbones is the phrase, “Welcome to the Cannibal Bar and Grill.”

But Holt is probably right that Hart’s t-shirt is more a fashion statement than music genre endorsement. After all, the actor was also recently spotted wearing a Led Zeppelin tee at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

It all begs the question if metal should be a fashion statement at all. Still, that hasn’t stopped current music superstars such as Billie Eilish from getting in on the trend and creating new metal-like merchandise.

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