Mick Mars Issues Statement on Free Motley Crue Tickets ‘Joke’

Remember when Mick Mars said on That Metal Show that he’d invite everyone to see Motley Crue for free if they ever went on a reunion tour? Remember when the video resurfaced last week? The guitarist posted a statement on his social media today, commenting on the “joke.”

Motley Crue were very adamant about their future when they embarked on their “final tour” back in 2014, and they even signed a “cessation of touring agreement” to mark its end. Now, with all of the success of their movie The Dirt and the demand for them to reunite, they’re back.

“While I was clearly joking about the free tickets that night on TMS, I was also deeply convinced that we would never ever be touring again,” the guitarist wrote. “I would never have expected to be facing a whole new generation of fans demanding to see us play.”

Mars even admitted that the tour “comes at a weird place in time,” primarily because his solo record is nearly finished. “But, I put our fans first,” he reassured. “Anyways, I am eating a lot of crow and humble pie this Thanksgiving for those remarks and accept that some of you see this as me being dishonest. I said what I said and I was wrong. Peace.”

Crue are reportedly plotting a 2020 stadium tour with Def Leppard and Poison. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

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