Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival announces free concert lineup

The Trews appearing at Burlington's Sound of Music Festival.

The Trews appearing at Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival.

Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival has announced the free concert weekend lineup that runs from June 15 to June 18. The shows offer music for all ages including USS, Finger Eleven, The Trews, Moist, The Road Hammers, Wintersleep, Steven Page, Bleeker, Doc Walker, The Mahones, Harrison Kennedy, Terra Lightfoot, illScarlett, Danny Michel among others.

Events and activities include:

  • Club Series – June 11-15
  • Silver Series – June 16
  • Downtown Streetfest – June 16-18
  • Family Zone – June 17-18
  • Grande Festival Parade – June 17.

An additional day of free music and festivities is coming up on June 11 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The lineup for June 11 will be announced on June 1.

“This year’s lineup features something for audiences of all ages and musical preferences,” Dave Miller, the festival’s executive director, said.

“Putting together a festival lineup is like a giant puzzle, helping to develop bands’ careers, building audiences receptive to music both new and old, and throwing in a few surprises along the we way keeps us busy all year long,” Rian Malloch, the festival’s programming chair, said.

The Sound of Music Festival officially runs from June 10 through June 18. It opens with a kickoff concert that features performances by The Offspring, LIVE, Marianas Trench, Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors, Killer Dwarfs, Sumo Cyco and Randy and Mr. Lahey from the hit television series, Trailer Park Boys. Tickets for that event cost $60.

Visit soundofmusic.ca for the full lineup and show times.

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